About Laban Johnson

“Day by Day in Every Way I’m Getting Better and Better”

Hello, I’m Laban Johnson, Jr, and welcome to my page! You’ve taken your time and energy to learn more about me, and I humbly thank you. This page is a reboot of the original LabanJohnson.com, which was primarily a business lead-generation / marketing tool. The new site may perform that function but its primary purpose is anthropological – a window into my world and a breadcrumb trail for others to follow if they choose to do so. I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way! I appreciate you for being here, so welcome to my world – that is, if my picture hasn’t scared you away! 🙂

Is Your Attitude Worth Catching? I love to meet new people and I’m looking to surround myself with positive, productive people with whom I’d like to build my projects and help you build yours. Contact me, let’s meet for coffee, tea, donuts, kolaches, or burgers and discuss possible synergies!

A little about me

I am a father, Texas Guardsman and small business owner currently living in Houston, Texas.

I’m also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, Technician class, Callsign KF5USE. I mostly only use it for emergency management purposes within the scope of a Communications operator in the Texas State Guard.

My interests include Music, Electronics, Entrepreneurship / Small Business Development, Economics, Relationships and Parenting. I hold a portfolio of interesting websites where I share lots of information about my different hobbies and interest. I find that sharing with others also helps keep me current.

I’m also heavily interested in aviation. One of these days I will get around to getting my private pilot’s license. I will never turn down an opportunity to try a new flight simulator. I studied air traffic control (ATC) at the New York ARTCC on VATSIM (virtual worldwide live flight simulation network) and ranked up to level 3 (Departure Control) at Kennedy Airport (virtual). In my downtime, I often can be found working on an air traffic control simulation of one kind or another. As of this writing, I’m working on the newest version of the “Unmatched Air Traffic Control” game app for Android, a ground / tower simulator which focuses on movements, not phraseology.

I was born in Washington, D.C., grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia, moved to Jacksonville, Florida (2004?) and then Houston, Texas in 2007.

I love living in Houston! I volunteer as a Google Local guide to Houston, a CrowdSource Rescue dispatcher, and I also help with radar for the Geddon Storm Team channels on the Zello app.

You can click the button above to visit my Facebook page. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

Facebook: Facebook.com/labanjohnson

Twitter: @labanjohnson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labanrjohnson/

Email: labanjohnson at gmail

You can also use the chat feature on this page to reach me and my team.

Who I am NOT:

There are many Laban Johnson’s in the world.

If you are looking for the renowned Virginia taxidermist, Laban Johnson you can find him here, and tell him his son says hello: http://www.labanstaxidermy.com/

Yet another Laban Johnson worthy of mention, also from Virginia, is the late Chef Laban Johnson of Roanoke, Virginia and the cooking show “Cookin’ Cheap”

I have nothing to do with Laban dance. If you catch me dancing, that’s rare, but it’ll probably be salsa or merengue!

If you’re the type to do background checks on people, I’m not the Laban Johnson in South Carolina who has a felony.

If your name is Laban Johnson, please don’t give the rest of us a bad name 😀


My Influences, My Gurus

There are so many to mention, but some of the influencers who have helped to shape who I am as a professional, and whose material I highly recommend, are:

Sun Tzu

Zig Ziglar

Robert Kiyosaki

Anthony Robbins




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